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A Modern Chemistry Experience


Organic chemistry is tough.

Traditionally known as a "weed out" class because of the obstacles it presents, organic chemistry presents a significant challenge for pre-health students who want to get into a competitive professional program, like medical school. Many students have trouble because they try to memorize facts instead of learning fundamental concepts. Usually the solution is to repeatedly work problems until some level of understanding is reached. Unfortunately, there's little feedback in this approach - you check your answer and it's either right or wrong. We think there's a better way to learn.

Mol Chemistry is a new kind of learning tool that provides engagement and gives immediate response. A collection of focused exercises are built with modern interaction design and gamification principles in mind making it perfect to practice and master difficult problems in chemistry on the go. All of the molecular data is sourced from the National Institutes of Health PubChem online database, and vetted by chemistry professionals to ensure you have an authentic and effective learning experience.

Molecules are displayed in beautiful 2D and 3D representations, giving you a sense of familiarity with an opportunity for deeper understanding. Progression gradually introduces you to more complex content, while allowing you to keep an eye on your improvement and see where to focus your attention.


Features To Enrich Learning

Designed with input from students and teachers.


Fun and Engaging Exercises

The heart of Mol Chemistry, exercises are made of focused, gamified content ranging from chiral centers to stereoisomers. Gameplay follows established strategies to effectively work through organic chemistry problems. Immediate feedback let's you know if you're achieving  understanding. If you get stuck, rich chemistry information is just a button press away.


Beautiful Molecular Visualization

Molecular data is sourced from the National Institutes of Health's PubChem database and vetted by chemistry professionals for accuracy. All molecules are presented in beautiful, dynamic 2D and 3D representations and correspond to the CPK color system. It's like having a model kit in your pocket! In addition to visualization options like toggling implied hydrogens, special indicators such as chiral center markers and R vs S priorities enrich the learning experience.


Progression Tracking

Throughout each exercise, gain points for each correct selection. Earn enough points and you'll be ready to tackle new, more challenging content. 

A dashboard provides you with an up-to-date overview of your improvement over time. Pinpoint content areas in need of your attention and keep moving toward mastery. Link your account across multiple devices to keep your progression information within reach.

Public Development Roadmap


We value transparency.

We're making a commitment to continuously add value to Mol Chemistry. Using a publicly available roadmap we're opening up our develop process so you can see what we're doing now and in the near future. Our long-term goal is to be a comprehensive resource for learning all organic chemistry concepts. We plan to release larger feature updates in conjunction with the academic calendar, and smaller updates to fix bugs and make minor improvements.

Check out our Trello board for a more detailed, up-to-date look at the roadmap. Please know that while we do our best to plan and stay on track, we need to be flexible to accommodate unexpected issues or delays. You can read the release notes to see what's been included in each update.


Community Focus


We want to hear from you!

Mol Chemistry can only be as good as the feedback we receive, so if you've purchased Mol we ask you to join our community. Here you'll be able to engage us in discussion on features, suggest improvements so you can get the most from your learning experience, and report any bugs that may prevent you from reaching content mastery.

If social media is more your thing, you can also connect with us through our Facebook and Twitter pages.



Mol Chemistry is made possible by a competitive Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Institutes of Health.