Educator Partnership Program


Mol was conceived during the highly selective National Science Foundation I-Corps program, and realized through a competitive SBIR grant from the National Institutes of Health. Through over 100 interviews our team learned about the problems students face; from the overwhelming volume of information, to the need for learning key concepts rather than focus on memorization, or even the difficulties involved in doing “mental gymnastics” when trying to visualize three-dimensional molecular structures. We understand the importance of knowing organic chemistry, especially for students pursuing healthcare careers, and from the insights we gathered it was clear there was a need for more effective and more engaging tools that take a fresh new approach.

We decided to put our expertise in software development, interactive scientific visualization, and gamification to use. In conjunction with organic chemistry instructors and students, we translated proven problem-solving strategies to gameplay and designed gamification mechanics that make spending the necessary time practicing less stressful and more enjoyable.

In studies we’ve conducted, we’ve observed an average 10% improvement on stereochemistry concepts, with some students improving much more, and overall positive attitudes toward learning. We’re excited to give instructors like you another tool for helping your students develop a deeper understanding of organic chemistry.

By registering for this free program, you'll receive:

  • One (1) access code for iOS or Android to evaluate Mol

  • Inside knowledge of our development roadmap

  • Access to preview new version updates

  • Priority support

  • Invitations to webinars, workshops, and/or other events

  • Access to special seasonal content including guides for integrating Mol into your curriculum

If you’re an innovator who is interested in using new technologies to improve learning, we’d love to partner with you and get Mol into the hands of your students.

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